telephone line contract

When does your phone line contract renew? You NEED to know!

Did you know:

  • Most phone line service provider contracts auto-renew every year (after, typically, a 3 year initial term).
  • Most service providers will not contact you to advise that your contract is renewing
  • Contract exit fees are typically 1/2 the remaining value on the contract (i.e. $300/month with 12 months left…$1,800).
  • If you renegotiate or sign up for new services, the service provider may extend your contract.

Service contracts are designed to keep customers, and ensure that installed equipment gets paid for.  Your equipment is likely LONG paid for, so why are you in a contract?

There are many lower cost / no contract options out there.  Even if you’re not thinking of switching now, it is good practice to find out and document when your contract renews.

Look like a Genius…tell your boss a month before your contract expires, so there’s time to contemplate options.

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