Time for a change

One of my favorite days of the year is the day we change our clocks forwards.  This signals a long awaited spring, robins and garden planning.

If you have an older Nortel system though, it signals and out-of-sync clock on you phones.  Here’s how to update that:

  1. To enter programming press Feature**23646 the display shows: Password.
  2. Enter your password (the default is 23646) the display shows:
    1. Sys speed dial.
  3. Select Next until display reads 3. Time & Date.
  4. Select Show, the display shows Time xx:xx.
  5. Select Change, the display shows  Hour: xx.
  6. Select Change, the display shows Hour.
  7. Enter Hour, use the 24hr clock format. e.g. 14=2pm  Hour: 14
  8. Select Next, the display shows Minutes: xx.
  9. Select Change, the display shows Minutes.
  10. Enter Minutes, use 2 digits eg:  08 Minutes: 08 The system time is now set, select Rls to exit programming or if the date is wrong too….
  1. Select Next, until display reads Date xx xx.
  2. Select Change, the display shows Year: xx.
  3. Select Change, the display shows  Year.
  4. Enter Year, use last 2 digits of year eg: 10, Year: 10.
  5. Select Next, the display shows Month: xx.
  6. Select Change, the display shows Month.
  7. Enter Month, use 2 digit format eg: 04 for April, Month: 04.
  8. Select Next, the display shows Day: xx.
  9. Select Change, the display shows Day.
  10. Enter Day of Month, use 2 digits i.e. 01 to 31.e.g 09  Day: 09.
  11. Select Rls to exit programming.

And you’re done!