Nortel DND

That beeping in your ear…enabling Do Not Disturb on busy

It can be very helpful while you’re on the line to know if there’s another call coming in.  However, especially if you wear a headset all day, that can be quite annoying…

To change do-not-disturb on busy:

Press Feature **266344
Password: 266344
Select Admin
Press SHOW (display will say show set: )
Enter the  extension number of the set you want to change
Press SHOW (display will say Line access)
Press NEXT (display will say Capabilities)
Press SHOW (display will say Fwd no answer)
Press NEXT twice (display will show DND on busy)
Press CHNG so that it shows Y (if you want DND on), or N (if you want it off…ie, you want to hear the beep when another call comes in)

Press release to hang up.