Closed for Christmas? Holiday voicemail greetings


Whether you simply have reduced hours for the Christmas/New Years season, or are closing completely, it’s a great idea to let callers know that your response time may be delayed over the holidays.

This is usually best done by recording a holiday greeting for your auto-attendant. It may appear daunting at first, but the steps (although quite a few), are pretty straightforward. Continue reading “Closed for Christmas? Holiday voicemail greetings”

Changing Nortel Voicemail Greeting and Names


Whether you want to personalize your greeting for the time of year, highlight a promotion you are running, or if employees have moved or changed departments, changing the greeting on your Nortel Voicemail isn’t a huge job.  Below we show you not only how to change the voice mail greeting, but also the name for the auto-attendant directory.

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How to reset theVoicemail system password

In our last post we looked at how to gain re-entry to a mailbox if a user had been locked out. Great, but what if it’s the voicemail system administrator locked out. A little more serious this time. Below you’ll find instructions on how to reset the voicemail system password for a Nortel / Norstar Startalk Flash or Call Pilot Voicemail unit.

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Locked out again?…reset a user’s voicemail password


It happens to the best of us…with so many passwords to remember, invariably one slips off the table. Use this procedure to reset a user’s voice mailbox password. We also recommend having users change their password at least every other month, just ask the Royal Family! Continue reading “Locked out again?…reset a user’s voicemail password”