VoIP sales and service

Is your company looking to reduce landline and long distance costs, or to capitalize on the latest communication features? If so, a move to VoIP should be considered. Once a very convoluted and messy cut-over, moving to VoIP has become much easier and cheaper…especially with the new IP PBX Appliances from Grandstream. ModTel is now a certified reseller and installer for the entire Grandstream portfolio of products.

Grandstream is based in Boston, MA, and their tier 1 and tier 2 support is all located in North America. They manufacture a wide range of products including IP PBX appliances, switches, VoIP phones and adapters as well as IP cameras and video conferencing systems.

One of the most innovative products their IP PBX appliance ($450) which can handle up to 500 extensions and 30 simultaneous calls, as well as integrate and record IP security cameras attached to the system. All in a package a little thicker than a tablet

Grandstream UCM6102 from ModTel

Ask for a demo of the IP PBX (UCM6202) today. You’ll be amazed!  Click HERE for more info

Interested in adding or switching to VoIP from traditional business phone line service?  Take a look at our offering HERE