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Business Line Telephone Service

ModTel is now an ITSP…Internet Telephony Service Provider, providing SIP Trunking. That means that we now provide our customers with a way to “cut the cord” from traditional/higher cost providers.  Plus, you can keep your existing phone system (i.e. Nortel/Norstar) if you’d like.  We just install a gateway between your equipment and the lines you purchase from us.  This is a great option to add lines to an existing system, without the high costs and long term contracts.

We offer business line service including unlimited inbound and 5000 minutes (over 80 hours) Canada wide outbound calls per month for just $29/month per line.

No contract.  No kidding!  If we can’t keep you happy, we don’t deserve to keep you as a customer.

What you need:

  • Reliable, high speed internet service (minimum 1Mbps upload speed).
  • To be contract free with your current provider (they usually charge a very high contract cancellation fee).  This doesn’t apply if you’re just adding lines, not switching your whole service.
  • Hardware (an FXS Gateway) costing about $45 per line+installation … or an IP PBX … a one time cost, and you own it.  Or, no hardware and a monthly Hosted PBX
  • And of course, you need a desire to save a lot of money.

What we provide:

  • High quality voice calling
  • Unlimited local inbound calls
  • 5000 minutes Canadian outbound calls
  • $0.04/minute US Long Distance
  • Number Porting (keep your existing #) for $30 one time fee
  • And all these features:

Caller ID w/ Name, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID Block, Call Transfer, 3-Way Calling, Online Account, Do Not Disturb, Anonymous Call Block, Choose Your Own Area  Code, Keep Your Number If You Move, Softphone Access, Online Call Logs, View Voicemails Online, Voicemails E-Mailed, Virtual Numbers, Network Failover Forwarding…and more!

If you want to switch over to VoIP entirely (i.e. a new phone system), we offer a cost effective solution for that as well.  Check it out HERE

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