How to reset theVoicemail system password

In our last post we looked at how to gain re-entry to a mailbox if a user had been locked out. Great, but what if it’s the voicemail system administrator locked out. A little more serious this time. Below you’ll find instructions on how to reset the voicemail system password for a Nortel / Norstar Startalk Flash or Call Pilot Voicemail unit.

The default administration passwords are:

120000 (if you have 2 digit extension #’s…21, 22 etc.)
1020000 (if you have 3 digit extension #’s)
10020000 (if you have 4 digit extension #’s)

Dial Feature 985
Press 9
Enter 73738767793 (which spells “resetsmpswd”)
Press yes when asked if you want to reset the password. The default password is restored (120000, 1020000 or 10020000).

Now you can go back in and finally remove the greeting announcing your Christmas office hours!

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Now, back to work!