ZYCO IP Pbx UC410 from ModTel


UC510 is specially designed as an IP PBX solution for SOHOs (Small Office and Home Offices). This new solution offers not only a Wi-Fi router supporting VPN Client/Server, external ADSL, … but also a fully featured IP PBX that can host up to 10 extensions with 2 analog ports (select between 2 FXO ports for PSTN lines, or 1 FXO and 1 FXS (for fax etc)).

This amazing unit supports Call Forward, Blind/Attendant Transfer and many other features found in much more expensive IP PBX’s.

UC510 is configured and managed through a single web GUI which significantly reduces the time and effort required to install the product. This simplified management and reduction in hardware costs through merging two products into one makes the UC510 an amazing and cost effective solution for SOHOs

Plus, we make it even easier with pre-configured, downloadable programming templates for several standard applications.

For more information, click here for the manufacturer’s product page