The M7310 full featured telephone is designed for users with more extensive calling and call handling requirements. 10 programmable buttons, 12 dual-function memory buttons provide quick access to 24 additional frequently-used features or autodial numbers. With its 2-line by 16-character LCD Window, and softkeys, the M7310 is extremely easy to use.

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Norstar M7310 Display phone NT8B20
The M7310 is the workhorse of the Norstar ICS phone system. Mid range in cost and functionality, this has been the most popular phone in the Nortel stable since it was introduced. Solidly built, the M7310 (NT8B20) will last for years even in difficult environments.

Nortel M7310 Phone allows up to 6 lines, and has 10 programmable buttons. The Norstar M7310 phone has a two line LCD screen which displays information such as the date and if there is a voice mail message.

Nortel M7310 phone from ModTel
M7310 phones from ModTel Installations come with a full 1 year advance replacement warranty. The M7310 can be used with Compact ICS (CICS), Modular ICS (MICS), BCM, as well as 3×8, 6×16 and 8X24 Nortel phone systems.

Key Features of the Nortel M7310

  • Allows up to six incoming lines
  • Display phone that shows time, date, and if you have a voicemail message
  • Has 12 memory buttons that can be used for speed dial numbers
  • Volume control button
  • Speakerphone
  • Conference, transfer, paging, intercom
  • Nortel M7310 telephone comes with handset, stand, new line cord, and new handset cord

The Nortel M7310 has a optional BLF add on module (see below) which sits on the top of the M7310 and attaches in the back. The Nortel M7310 BLF allows the user to see who is one which extension. This allows the user to see if a specific extension is in use and they can transfer direct to voicemail. The Nortel M7310 has many features like handsfree mute, Intercom, speed dial, last number redial, and more. The buttons on the Nortel M7310 phones pop on and off and can be changed due to user preference. The buttons on the M7310 need to be programmed to do what the button cover says. The Nortel M7310 has 12 buttons on the top of the phone which allow the user to do inter office speedial or they can be programmed for out of office speed dial.

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The Nortel BLF (Busy Lamp Field, part number NTBB91) is an extra display that attaches to the M7310 phone. The BLF creates an attendant position to monitor autodial keys programmed
into the M7310. It can also be used to monitor other extensions status to see who is on the phone and who is not. The Busy Lamp Field does not require any additional power or wiring, and plugs right into the back of the M7310. It is available in Black, Grey and Ash.

Headsets are available in a wide range of styles, options and price points:

  • Direct wired headsets plug into the headset port of the M7310
  • Quick disconnect headsets can either plug directly into the headset port, or (optionally) come with an amplifier which allows for more control over the headset (adjust volume, switch to handset etc.)
  • Wireless headsets come with a separate amplifier, and have reception ratings up to 25′