Nortel extension name

What’s in a name? Changing the name on a Nortel extension

Whether a new employee has joined or someone has changed desks, it’s common to need to reprogram the user name on an extension.  Here’s how to do that:

Press “FEATURE” then enter **266344.  The default password is also 266344

The display will show “TERMINALS&SET”.

Press SHOW.  The display will show “SHOW SET”

Enter the extension you would like to edit, for example 221.

Press SHOW.  The display will show “LINE ACCESS”

Press NEXT.  The display will show “CAPABILITIES”

Press NEXT again.  The display will show “NAME”

Press CHANGE (under the display screen)

Enter the new name using the keypad (press 0 for Q or Z).  To move a space to the right, press the key below the –> on the screen.  For example, if you were entering the name “Zaphod Beeblebrox”, you would press 0 (2 times), then –>, then 2 (once), then –>, then 7 (once)…etc.

When finished, press NEXT

Press the “release” button to end editing.