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How to move phones while keeping your sanity

How often has this happened? A colleague moves offices, and plugs their phone into the new jack.  Now she can’t get her voicemail because the system thinks she’s at a different extension.

Here’s how to avoid that problem.  The Nortel verbiage calls it “Set Relocation”  If set relocation is OFF, the programming (extension #, features) stays connected the jack on the wall.  If it is ON, you can move phones around, and the programming will stay with the phone as it is moved.

here we go…

Once again, the programming has to be done on a phone with the 3
soft keys under the display (models M7310, M7324, T7316 or T7316e)

Enter programming (press Feature **266344, password 266344)

You’ll see “Terminals & Sets” on the display

Press “next” until you see “System Programming”

Press “show”, and you’ll see “Hunt Groups” on the display

Press “next” until you see “Featr Settings”

Press “show” once

Press “next” until you see “Set Relocation”

Press “change” to alter the setting…Y to move phones, N to turn the feature off

Now, when moving phones, unplug ONLY ONE or TWO AT A TIME

Plug the first one you unplugged into the new location

Wait a couple minutes for the system to read the change, then press “FEATURE * 0 and then an intercom button.

You should see the old extension come up, and you can exit programming or repeat with the second phone

It’s likely that you’ll want to go back in and turn the feature off.

Let’s get movin’