Closed for Christmas? Holiday voicemail greetings

Whether you simply have reduced hours for the Christmas/New Years season, or are closing completely, it’s a great idea to let callers know that your response time may be delayed over the holidays.

This is usually best done by recording a holiday greeting for your auto-attendant. It may appear daunting at first, but the steps (although quite a few), are pretty straightforward.

  1. Press Feature 983
  2. Enter your admin password: default is 120000 (for 2 digit extensions), 1020000 (for 3 digit) and 10020000 (for 4 digit).  If those don’t work, try replacing 0000 with 1234.
  3. Press OK, then AA
  4. Press GRTG, then GRTG again
  5. Start with Greeting 1 and press OK. It’s a good idea to write down which greeting (day, night, weekend etc) corresponds to each number.
  6. When you find the greeting you’d like to change (or an unused one for recording a new greeting), press REC. Many companies use Greeting 4 for their general holiday greeting
  7. Press OK to stop, and OK again to save (or PLAY to hear it, or RETRY to re-record)

So that records the greeting.  Now we have to tell the system to play THAT greeting instead of your normal auto-attendant greeting(s). Again, it’s a great idea to write down which
greeting plays when BEFORE you make changes. That will make it much easier to change it back in January!

To continue:

  1. Press TABLE
  2. Press 1, OK and OK again.
  3. Display will read “Morning 1”
  4. Press Change
  5. Press 4 (or whichever greeting contains the holiday message), and OK
  6. Press NEXT and continue to change all the greetings to that new number.
  7. Press RLS to exit out of programming

That’s it!

When you need to reset the voicemail greetings after the holidays, go back in to programming (Feature 983 and password), then press TABLE and go through the second half of the instructions above.  Replace the number 4 (holiday) greeting with the greeting number you wrote down before changing….um, you DID write it down, didn’t you?

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