Changing Nortel Voicemail Greeting and Names

Whether you want to personalize your greeting for the time of year, highlight a promotion you are running, or if employees have moved or changed departments, changing the greeting on your Nortel Voicemail isn’t a huge job.  Below we show you not only how to change the voice mail greeting, but also the name for the auto-attendant directory.

First, the greeting:

To Change Your Personal Greeting:
1. Press the Check Voicemail key or press Feature, then 981
2. Enter your password
3. Press ADMIN
4. Press GREET
5. Press REC
6. Press PRIME
7. Press YES
8. At the tone, record your new greeting, press OK to end your recording and then OK again to accept the new recording

To Change the “Recorded” Name for the Company Directory:
1. Have the Voicemail User log into their mailbox, after putting in their password, press the button under “Admin” (or press the number 8 key., and then press the number 1 key.
2. You will hear the old recorded name and then the system will “beep”, prompting you to record a new name (name only, don’t record your greeting here)
3. Press “Ok” in the window when you are done recording and then “Ok” again to accept the recording

And you’re done.

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