Locked out again?…reset a user’s voicemail password


It happens to the best of us…with so many passwords to remember, invariably one slips off the table. Use this procedure to reset a user’s voice mailbox password. We also recommend having users change their password at least every other month, just ask the Royal Family! Continue reading “Locked out again?…reset a user’s voicemail password”

What was that Feature code again?

Nortel Feature Codes

Probably one of the most common things our technicians are asked is…”how can I make my phone (insert request here)?
Below, we’ve provided a list of the most common feature codes and how to program them onto a button on your phone.

For a 7 page PDF of this list,
please click <a href=”http://modtel.ca/content/uploads/2014/07/Norstar-Feature-Codes.pdf”>HERE

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