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Some of the tips require using the SHOW, NEXT, HEADING and BACK buttons. Use the image below to help.

How to reset theVoicemail system password

In our last post we looked at how to gain re-entry to a mailbox if a user had been locked out. Great, but what if it’s the voicemail system administrator locked out. A little more serious this time. Below you’ll find instructions on how to reset the voicemail system password for a Nortel / Norstar Startalk Flash or Call Pilot Voicemail unit.

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Locked out again?…reset a user’s voicemail password


It happens to the best of us…with so many passwords to remember, invariably one slips off the table. Use this procedure to reset a user’s voice mailbox password. We also recommend having users change their password at least every other month, just ask the Royal Family! Continue reading “Locked out again?…reset a user’s voicemail password”

What was that Feature code again?

Nortel Feature Codes

Probably one of the most common things our technicians are asked is…”how can I make my phone (insert request here)?
Below, we’ve provided a list of the most common feature codes and how to program them onto a button on your phone.

For a 7 page PDF of this list,
please click <a href=”http://modtel.ca/content/uploads/2014/07/Norstar-Feature-Codes.pdf”>HERE

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