What’s in a name? Changing the name on a Nortel extension

Nortel extension name

Whether a new employee has joined or someone has changed desks, it’s common to need to reprogram the user name on an extension.  Here’s how to do that:

Press “FEATURE” then enter **266344.  The default password is also 266344

The display will show “TERMINALS&SET”.

Press SHOW.  The display will show “SHOW SET”

Enter the extension you would like to edit, for example 221.

Press SHOW.  The display will show “LINE ACCESS”

Press NEXT.  The display will show “CAPABILITIES”

Press NEXT again.  The display will show “NAME”

Press CHANGE (under the display screen)

Enter the new name using the keypad (press 0 for Q or Z).  To move a space to the right, press the key below the –> on the screen.  For example, if you were entering the name “Zaphod Beeblebrox”, you would press 0 (2 times), then –>, then 2 (once), then –>, then 7 (once)…etc.

When finished, press NEXT

Press the “release” button to end editing.

When does your phone line contract renew? You NEED to know!

telephone line contract

Did you know:

  • Most phone line service provider contracts auto-renew every year (after, typically, a 3 year initial term).
  • Most service providers will not contact you to advise that your contract is renewing
  • Contract exit fees are typically 1/2 the remaining value on the contract (i.e. $300/month with 12 months left…$1,800).
  • If you renegotiate or sign up for new services, the service provider may extend your contract.

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Toll Fraud, yep it’s still around. How to protect yourself


We’ve heard lots about toll fraud over the years…criminals hacking into your company’s voicemail and racking up thousands of dollars of long distance charges. Things have been a little quieter for the past couple years, but seem to have been making headlines of late. It seems like businesses closed over the Christmas Holidays were irresistible to that element of society.

Here’s a synopsis on how companies are victimized, and some steps you can take to minimize the risk…
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Closed for Christmas? Holiday voicemail greetings


Whether you simply have reduced hours for the Christmas/New Years season, or are closing completely, it’s a great idea to let callers know that your response time may be delayed over the holidays.

This is usually best done by recording a holiday greeting for your auto-attendant. It may appear daunting at first, but the steps (although quite a few), are pretty straightforward. Continue reading “Closed for Christmas? Holiday voicemail greetings”

How to move phones while keeping your sanity

business phone line service from ModTel

How often has this happened? A colleague moves offices, and plugs their phone into the new jack.  Now she can’t get her voicemail because the system thinks she’s at a different extension.

Here’s how to avoid that problem.  The Nortel verbiage calls it “Set Relocation”  If set relocation is OFF, the programming (extension #, features) stays connected the jack on the wall.  If it is ON, you can move phones around, and the programming will stay with the phone as it is moved.

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Changing Nortel Voicemail Greeting and Names


Whether you want to personalize your greeting for the time of year, highlight a promotion you are running, or if employees have moved or changed departments, changing the greeting on your Nortel Voicemail isn’t a huge job.  Below we show you not only how to change the voice mail greeting, but also the name for the auto-attendant directory.

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